Project Description



photo by Migueltzinta Solis


During Canada150, the LandMarks2017 initiative invited people to creatively explore and deepen their connection to the land through a series of contemporary art projects in and around Canada’s National Parks and Historic Sites. Convergence was inspired by many of the Blackfoot elders that shared their positive outlook on the future and encouraging words they had for the next generation. “Landmarks are meeting places, turning points, significant events, and features of the environment—both natural and cultural.” – LandMarks2017/Repères2017 The steel rings are forged together, although there is strength in these connections there are also tiny pores within the ceramic discs to provide a location for new growth, creating inspiration and optimism. The open spaces allow for the existing community to deepen their connection through the challenge of consideration of everyone’s perspectives in order to forge a stronger community vital for a shared future. University of Lethbridge LandMarks2017

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