Project Description

A Similar Nature

A Similar Nature detail


Dimensions: 8’ x 8.5’ x 3/8” (68 ft squ)

Material: handmade ceramic tiles and mirror

Concept: Each of us at times face crisis, whether that be an emotional or circumstantial upheaval, or a state of instability brought on by social, economic, or political change. In these times, people often look to nature to summon hope. The hand-made ceramic tile and mirrored glass mosaic installation encompasses motifs of abstracted local flowers and plants growing triumphantly from the mirrored cracks in the pavement. Just like the strength of the flora, individuals and communities have a similar nature, to push through and become majestic survivors with the power to persistently flourish.

Permanent Public Art Installation at Legacy Park, Lethbridge, AB.

Commissioned by The City of Lethbridge and Allied Arts Council